Perfecting the Instagram Excellence

There is a definite buzz in the air at Kaanda Beach Life these days… And we just have to share the exciting news with you!  We are in a shift from the traditional to the now, a movement from print to online, and it is giving us cause to celebrate.  Instagram is changing the way we do business and especially how we reach our customers.  It is a real time portal, an electrifying visual feast and above all a platform from which we can deliver our brand’s message!

Just a few years ago, we used to relish the thought of Kaanda being published in magazines like VOGUE, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel – and with good reason!  This was a showcase for our newest products and gave us unrivalled exposure to the fashion community.  However, now more and more, we seem to be sitting up and saying “WOW!” to amazing momentum we are picking up on our Kaanda Beach Life Instagram.  So, since we love showing off our success stories – here are a few examples of our wonderful partners working hard with us to create a beautifully diverse and highly acclaimed Instagram presence.

A BIKINI A DAY:  Currently over 4 million followers across their accounts and celebrities in themselves, Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman exhibit the true meaning of Bikini Entrepeneur.   Whenever they post our products, we notice traffic and sales instantly increasing on our online store and in our shops!

@oabramovich:  In the large community of very successful Russian models active on Instagram we have had the plasure of working with big names like @oabramovich, with 1,3 million followers. Whenever she wears a KAANDA piece, she receives more than 15,000 likes… For us here at Kaanda Beach life, this is an unbelievable achievement and another hand-on-heart moment of pride for the team!

@katty_lars:  When Kaanda and Kate first met, there was a true mutual appreciation as she stunned us with some pic photos from Kata Rocks! We know she is ambitious to create the most jaw dropping images for the Instagram media, engage in the evolution of the brand and to work in collaboration with the best photographers and support teams available.  As such – we cannot wait to see more of her work!

@zhenyavincent:  We most definitely could not forget our beach goddess @zhenyavincent, whose natural fresh look compliments the Kaanda Beach Life products perfectly.  She really does make the ultimate island look seem effortless!

@miss.irinat  There are some jaw dropping moments here at Kaanda and the amazing photos of @miss.irinat in our Secret Garden one piece was definitely one of them.  It could not have been any more perfect and really makes the tropical dream come true.  The number of requests for this particular swimsuit will not stop after the release of these photos.

We have many, many more upcoming Instagram Hits expected for this coming season, but we can’t give too much away yet!  So make sure you don’t miss out on the latest developments and follow us on   






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