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Perfecting the Instagram Excellence

There is a definite buzz in the air at Kaanda Beach Life these days… And we just have to share the exciting news with you!  We are in a shift from the traditional to the now, a movement from print to online, and it is giving us cause to celebrate.  Instagram is changing the way we do business and especially how we reach our customers.  It is a real time portal, an electrifying visual feast and above all a platform from which we can deliver our brand’s message! Just a few years ago, we used to relish the thought of Kaanda being published in magazines like VOGUE, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel – and with good reason!  This was...

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Golden girls, your prayers are answered!

Don't be afraid to mix&match with a contrasting color like a blue studded leather bracelet or a leopard printed purse, the wedges speak for themselves. Light makeup with just a bronze powder and lipgloss is enough to embrace the afternoon.

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Welcome to KAANDA beach life's blog

We are lucky enough to live and breath the dream, we are residing on the west coast of the tropical and sunny island of Phuket, Thailand's answer to paradise. Together we are a team of passionate and engaging hard working ladies, here to create the best feeling, looking and fitting beach wear you can imagine! Here in the blog section you will find news about our collections and other products and tips on how to look and feel great on the beach or pool side. We will share our favourite ideas and secrets, and we truly hope you like them! With love from the Andaman Sea,  

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